Satellite Power Systems

by ecarver GmbH

About Us

The founder of the company ecarver GmbH is Dr. Jörn-Hendrik Bleif. He worked for five years at the Technical University of Berlin (TU-Berlin), as project engineer in the Department of Aerospace Engineering. There he played a central role in the LAPAN-TUBSAT 1 satellite project. An outstanding contribution to this project was the development of a servo-focus camera platform, which is shown in the figure below.

LAPAN-TUBSAT camera platform with servo-focus and 1000 mm focal length
LAPAN-TUBSAT camera platform with servo-focus and 1 m focal length

It features a stepper motor that can be activated via telecommand to adjust the camera focus in-orbit, to compensate the defocussing caused by a changing lens temperature.
Once in orbit, the LAPAN-TUBSAT camera platform performed flawlessly and so its design was adopted by several other small satellite projects. Today there are at least four satellites in orbit that have a similar camera platform on board.
Less spectacular, but also noteworthy (since our company's focus lies on power systems): LAPAN-TUBSAT's battery, depicted in the figure below, was also designed by Dr. Bleif. It consists of NiH2 cells with strain gauges and temperature sensors, fixation elements made from composite material and stainless steel bolts.

LAPAN-TUBSAT's NiH2 battery
NiH2 battery for LAPAN-TUBSAT

After leaving the TU-Berlin, Dr. Bleif worked for five years in the "big" satellite industry, at Astrium GmbH - Satellites, before he founded his own company (our company) in 2010.
Since 2013 the research and development (RND) activities of our company have been focused on satellite power systems. On this website we now share some of our expertise in this field, mainly by describing our power products and the associated standardization concepts in detail.

1 TUBSAT is a registered trademark owned by the TU-Berlin